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Commercial Construction and Temporary Security Locking Hardware

For Construction Lock-Up, Re-Keying, Violated Door, On-site Storage and More.

When it comes to security, Universal Temporary Locks can secure your door inexpensively and in a matter of seconds helping to insure the safety of your personal belongings.

Use our hardware to lock up

Call now to find out how Modern Manufacturing Company and TemporaryLocks.Com can help with all of your commercial construction lock-up and temporary lock-up hardware needs.

Download the mounting instruction sheet here.

picture of the ASA mount A-1 temporary lock

A-1 ASA Strike Mounted Lock

Mounts into and functions as an ASA strike.

Can be used temporarily to secure an opening or as a permanent auxiliary lock when used in conjunction with a cylindrical lock.

All locks have mounting screws included.

picture of the E.O. exit only temporary lock

E.O. Exit Only

Use to secure out-swing doors.

Will work on openings with or without hardware preparations.

Adjusts to most jamb depths.

All locks have mounting screws included.

picture of the U-1 temporary lock

U-1 Universal Temporary Lock

Our original temporary locking device.

Mounts directly to ASA, T-strike, full-lip, flushbolt and deadlock strike preparations.

Mounting holes for jambs with no strike preparation.

All locks have mounting screws included.

picture of the UI-1 temporary lock

UI-1 Universal In-swing Lock

The temporary lock designed to secure in-swing doors.

Mounts directly to ASA and T-strikes.

Door member accepts any 1 3/4 inch thick door.

All locks have mounting screws included.

picture of the UI-2 temporary lock

UI-2 Universal In-swing or Out-swing Lock

The combination unit to secure both in-swing and out-swing doors.

All of the features of the UI-1 and the U-1

All locks have mounting screws included.

Accept no substitues. Don't risk your safety to poor quality knock-offs. Modern Manufacturing Company is the original temporary lock manufacturer and we are the most dependable.

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